Goal Focused Investment Advice

How will you use your assets to help you achieve your goals? This is a challenge most people face and having an experienced advisor to help you navigate the financial complexities of life and provide investment advice can be valuable.

Our approach to helping you is based on these three key elements:

1) Optimism

Investment markets are volatile.  Prices change in dramatic fashion.  Often times you experience times when returns are negative.  These unpleasant elements make investing a challenge.

Throughout history, there have been continual and amazing improvements in the world.  The financial markets have also shown a pattern of long-term improvement—albeit with temporary interruptions—along the way.

Our optimism allows us to embrace the trade off of short-term volatility—even when it is extreme—for potential greater longer-term gains.

2) Long Term Perspective With a Goal Driven Focus

Your goals will have both short and long-term elements. Those priorities dictate the approach taken to help build and maintain an asset allocation to meet both aspects of your plans.

Decades of experience provide perspective of how to deal with a number of situations to help you navigate the obstacles and adversity you are going to face while pursuing those goals.

3) Minimize Mistakes

When dealing with numerous unknowns and the strong emotional ties we all have to our nest eggs, it is easy for any of us to make mistakes. Sometimes the impact of those mistakes is minimal. Other times, it is more costly. The compounded impact of multiple errors can be significant.

We are here to help you avoid commonly repeated investor mistakes (examples include: performance or fad chasing, poor market timing, not saving enough or spending too much) in order to help you achieve better outcomes.

A Process Which Prioritizes Putting Clients First

We have a tremendous responsibility to prioritize our clients and their future well being. Our approach attempts to eliminate many of the conflicts of interest which our common in our profession.

  • There are no commissions which create an incentive to sell you a product.
  • There are no financial incentives to recommend certain investments which may not be in your best interest.
  • The costs of doing business are clear and transparent so you know exactly how we are compensated for the services provided.

What it Costs

Our function is to help you achieve better real-life financial outcomes over time. Our business model provides an incentive for us to create long-term, goal focused relationships to help you achieve your goals.

The costs are straight forward, and explained below.

Asset Management Fees

Our fee schedule is listed below. It is a tiered schedule. The asset management fees are computed based on the average daily balance of your accounts, and all accounts within a household are combined to reach the various tiers. Fees are computed and debited monthly, in arrears. If you would like to see a specific example of how the fee is computed please refer to our investment advisory agreement by clicking here.

Investment Advice Fee Schedule

Trading Costs

We primarily use Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds in clients’ portfolios. On occasion individual equities will be used. Our custodian, TDAmeritrade, charges the following for transactions executed.

    • Mutual Funds — up to $18 per trade. TDAmeritrade offers a substantial number of mutual funds which can be purchased or redeemed with no trading costs.


    • Exchange Traded Funds — up to $7 per trade. TD Ameritrade offers a number of exchange traded funds which can be purchased or redeemed with no trading costs.


    • Individual Equities – $7 per trade.


Depending on the size of the account, trading costs are not necessarily a factor in determining which investments will be used. More care is given to reducing or eliminating trading costs in smaller accounts.

Internal Investment Costs

Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded funds all have internal expenses, known as the expense ratio. Those expenses are disclosed in the prospectuses for each respective fund. Expense ratio is one of the factors we utilize in our investment selection process.

Please click here to view our Investment Advisory Agreement for more information.