Financial Planning: It All Starts with a Plan

Financial Planning transforms the broad brush strokes into finer details. It takes the image you have created to this point, and shows you the possibilities for the final picture. The plan replaces the photo which comes with the frame with a meaningful and personal family portrait.

Many financial goals can be stated in similar terms:

  • “We want to retire and enjoy the next chapter of our lives.”
  • “I need to help my kids pay for college.”
  • “Leaving money to our kids or grand kids would be ideal.”

The aspects of these goals can be discussed in generic terms. But the generalities end very quickly when you start to speak about your own situation and your own family.

The financial planning process helps you use the resources you have to create a better future for you and your family.

The Plan is the Guide

The plan is the financial road map. It governs many of the major decisions about money in your life. A financial plan aligns your financial resources with your priorities.

Our approach to planning encompasses these three concepts.

Financial Planning

Neal Watson, CFP®

Neal Watson is a Certified Financial Planner® Professional with more than 20 years of experience working with clients.  CFP® professionals complete extensive training and are held to high ethical and professional standards.  They understand the complexities of the changing financial climate and commit to making recommendations in your best interests.  


First of all, the planning process must be completely objective.  We develop plans with a clear purpose:  do what is best for the client now and in the future.  The recommendations help you achieve your goals, not act as a sales pitch for a financial product.



Practical and Realistic

Secondly, a plan should be practical and realistic. We must work within the framework of your life, and the resources you have.  Expectations and assumptions must be reasonable.


Lastly, a plan must be clear and understandable.  Technical aspects of personal finance complicate and overwhelm many of the decisions you have to make.  For this reason, many people shy away from the planning process.

We aim to remove those complications and create a plan with clearly stated steps you can use to pursue your long term goals.


Financial Planning services are offered on an hourly, as needed basis.  We focus on your primary areas of concern and address other situation as they arise.  This makes the planning services both affordable and more valuable to you.

Planning services are offered at $75 per hour.  Often times, we will provide you an estimate of the time required to complete the work and give you a quote for the plan.  Unless the scope changes, the work will be completed for the price quoted.

Please click here to read our Financial Planning Agreement and our Disclosure Document for more information.

How Can We Help You?

The planning process needs to be both objective and affordable.  We tailor the process to focus on the most pressing and important issues in your life.

The introductory meeting will be offered at no cost to you.  During this hour, we will discuss your situation, your goals, and your concerns. You will then receive an estimate of the time involved to complete the plan.  From there, you decide if you want to proceed.

To get started, please complete the form to the right, and we will contact you.  Or call our office at (740) 373-4877.

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